Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi my name is katy I am 18 years old, am 5'6 have red hair an athletic build and I recently wet my pants.
> It was about a week ago I was wearing kakhi capris and an orange striped shirt with blue bra and panties under my shirt. I was hanging. With my friend at a party and we were playing truth or dare we started playing about ten minutes into the game one of my friends said I dare you to pee your pants I could not belive what I hears a little spurted out into my panties and soaked them I had to pee so I figered I would just go but I couldn't relax I didn't have to go so I drank some water and I still couldn't go I flexed my bladder a tried as hard as I could to pee until finally I felt a jet of pee shot into my pants and soaked them once it started it just wouldn't stop I could feel the warm pee flow into my panties down my legs and into a puddle on the ground I sat there peeing myself like a little girl I started to cry I was so emmbrassed but I have to admit it felt pretty good. They wouldn't stop there though they called me a baby and made me put on a
> diaper
> I didn't care about that though and through out the rest of the game with out any one knowing I peed in my diaper until it was totally full but I kept going but it didn't matter cause my pants were already wet.
> When my mom fond out she was a little mad but she understood. 
> The second time I peed myself was on a long bus ride home I was wearing grey shorts and a yellow shirt I had forgot to go before I got on with every bump it got worse and worse until I couldn't hold it any more and I peed myself I was holding myself and rocking with my leg crossed when the warm pee flooded my shorts
> Two days after that I woke up in the middle of the night because I really had to pee it was a cold night and I really didn't want to get up but I knew I would wet the bed if I didn't go now I waited a little longer until I was almost bursting I got out of bed but when I did the urge got so much worse I was sleeping in just my panties and a bra I shuffled as fast as I could to the bathroom but I knew I would not make it to the tolet so I hopped in the shower my bladder almost bursting I let it go and it flooded into my panties down my legs and puddled at my feet their was a wet spot on my panties around my crotch and half way up my but I went back to my room and change my panties I woke up the next morning to my horror to discover that I had wet the bed even after my late night expiriance I was so angry at myself
> After I peed myself three times in one week I decided to start wereing the traing pants my cousin left at my house they were tight but I was kinda exited That no one would see me 
> pee myself anymore. 
> The next day I was sitting in class and I felt the need to pee I started to try and hold it but then I remebered I was wearing traing pants so I just let it go i felt the warming sensation of the pee being absorbed the whole time i just sat in my seat It felt really good.
> Through the next week I didn't even bother using the bathroom anymore I just peed my diapers in class surronded by people it feel good to pee myself
Soon I ran out of traing pants I was worried that I might pee myself but I just put it out of my mind.

It was a couple days later my friend and I were hanging out at the when all of a sudden I had to pee a little shot into my panties before I remebered i wasn't wearing a diaper I started to go off to find a bathroom when a little more shot into my pants "oh shit" I said as I pulled my legs tight together and tried to hold it put it was no use it just flowed into my pants and down my legs as I stood there peeing my self it was super embarassing.

A week later I was at home all alone and I decided I would have some fun I was wearing polka dotted panties and bra with a black t and a short skirt I drank until I had to pee I held myself and rocked back and forth I was getting real desperate now a little spurted out and soaked my panties I pulled my knees together and tried to hold it in until I didn't want to fight it so I just let it go it flowed out and down on to the floor and so did I I started to play with myself until I came I cleaned everything up and washed my clothes.
That day was packed with wetting. Later that night my friend jessi was staying over we were hanging out and we got bored so I sugested we have a hold it contest she didn't want to at first but I talked her into it. so we each drank a litter of water and waited I was the first one to show the need to pee I started to squrm she was soon just as desperate as I was she started bouncing and crossed her legs and grabbed her crotch I really had to go to I was desperate now and my bladder was bursting. I had my legs tight together trying as hard as I could not to pee but when my muscles got tried and I relaxed my bladder a jet of urine shot out and I could hold it anymore it just flodded out into my pants and down my legs "looks like you won" but she could hold it as she ran to the bathroom she almost made it but she couldn't get her zipper down I could see the wet spot growing around her crotch as she squrmed around it was really fun for both of us. 
It was a day later and we had to go down state it was a long trip and I had been drinking water I was wearing a white t shirt and jean shorts I felt the urge to go but I thought I could hold it but I soon realized we wouldn't I told my mom I had to go so she started to look I was holding my crotch and rocking back and forth we finally made it to the rest stop but it was no use the moment I got out I knew I wouldn't make it I crossed my legs and tried so hard not to pee but it was no use the warm pee flooded my shorts and flowed down my legs and in to a puddlearound my feet even though I really liked to pee my pants but I would need more pullups if I were going to not wet myself at school
I peed my pants again a week later and it wasn't my fault I was hanging out with my friends we were messing around and one of my friends started to tickle me I tried wriggle away but they kept tickling my I was laughing "stop I'm going to pee" but they wouldn't stop "oh no I'm peeing" I said as I felt the pee burst out into my panties and leave a wet spot on my pants I was embarrassed but it did feel good I used it as an exucse to pee my pants and I let the rest flow into pants it felt so good
I decided that I would start to wear traing pants again so no one would see me pee myself but I thought I would pee my pants in public again just for fun It was the middle of summer and I was at the beach I really had to go and I didn't want to go in the water so I went looking for a bathroom when I finally found one I really had to go I hurried over to the bathroom and when I got inside a stall I figuried I would just pee through my suit so I stood there and peed it flowed down my legs and on to the ground but I quickly realized to my horror that you could see a huge wet spot on my pink bikini when I steped out of the bathroom I could feel everyone looking at me my face turned red and peed myself again 
When school finally started back up I had been wear traing pants for a week
I had to wear them all the time now cause I wet the bed now I didn't care but I was worried today cause the onesi was wearing today wearnt to absorbant I was sitting in class and I had to pee I just hoped my traing pants would hold it I started to pee and I could feel the pee start to soak in my diaper I relaxed and more came out but it was more than my traing pants could hold and it started to soak my pants I ran out of the room crying and peeing myself


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  2. yes whats yourskype